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    Waiting for the ferry to Capri
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   Today’s topic, The Roman poet Martial
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Sightseeing in Rome
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    Making their way to the top of  Vesuvius 
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   A walk on the Church Stretton hills
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   Saturday Breakfast Group 
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   Walking Group
The Challenge

The challenge is on

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Retirement brings unique opportunities to spend more time enjoying established interests, and/or to take up new ones, while making new friends. The challenge may be to get started. Shrewsbury u3a enables access to many hundreds of people and a broad range of subjects that can provide enriching experiences throughout retirement years. Most of our members have retired from full time work but some join in the run-up to retirement as part of their transition to a different lifestyle.


Shrewsbury’s University of the Third Age (u3a) dates from 1992. Like all u3as, it is a mutual self-help organisation, open to all, regardless of education or attainment. The purpose of u3a is to provide educational opportunities for those no longer in full time, while contributing to their social and recreational fulfillment. The u3a moto is; “learn, laugh and live (life to the full).”


Shrewsbury u3a offers exceptional value for money. Members are welcome to participate in as many, or as few, activities as they wish, all for a single annual fee of £15 per member (not inclusive of any costs that might be incurred by groups). The current offer is:

• High quality talks on a range of subjects at Theatre Severn (Shrewsbury Town Football Club in Dec and Jan) on the Third Monday of each month except August.

• Tea/Coffee drop in afternoons at Palmers Café on the last Friday of each month. This is always attended by officers of the committee who are available to meet potential and current members, hear their views and answer questions.

• An annual, day time, social event.

• E mail connectivity to everyone in the Shrewsbury u3a

• A large number of groups that form around specific interests, hobbies, pastimes and studies.


Much of u3a activity is conducted by groups who meet to enjoy subjects of mutual interest. These range from study into academic subjects, to outdoor activities, to purely social interactions. A list of all the current groups, and synopsis of their activities, can be found on this web site.

Groups are supported by the Management Committee. Current groups are looked after by the Groups Coordinator. Where there is demand for a new group to be established, this is facilitated by the New Groups Facilitator..


There are a number of benefits of belonging to Shrewsbury u3a. These include:

• Opportunities to develop established interests and to explore new horizons.

• Access to a large social network.

• Access to stimulating talks and social activities.


Having explored this web site, anyone interested in learning more about the opportunities on offer is welcome to drop by for a chat at one of our monthly meetings at Palmers café and/or come to a talk (free of charge for the first one) at Theatre Severn.

You can join u3a at any tine by clicking on the green ‘join’ button at the bottom right of this page, or by visiting us at Palmers Café or Theatre Severn.

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We have currently 956 active members and 103 study groups
If you are a member of Shrewsbury U3A and have not yet registered on this site, the instructions can be found here and a video demonstration here.
If you want to join Shrewsbury U3A click here.